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WoW Products

100% Recycled Products for All Occasions

Make a shift to recycled products and help save the environment

How it's Made

This is the non-biodegradable output from TrashBot . It contains plastics, polymers, aluminium foils and multilayered plastics.

Without TrashBot segregating it, this waste would have gotten dumped in the landfills or burnt on the streets. But with our technology, it is sorted into degradables and non-degradables.

The non-degradables which include one-time use plastics, Multi-layered and other non-recyclable components as well is sterilized and recycled into recycled sheets using our proprietary technology. We call these sheets WoW Boards!

These sheets are a direct replacement to particle board, MDF and plyboards. Thus, saving the environment from the huge damage being done by cutting tress to make furniture.

These sheets are converted into beautiful furniture items called WoW Products by local carpenters and artisans creating scores of jobs and supporting livelihood.

Thus, by purchasing WoW Products you not only prevent dumping of plastics but also help the environment by preventing the trees from being cut.

Product Categories

Office Furnishing

Home Decor

Corporate Gifting

School Infra



Porta Cabin

Bathroom Doors

Some Features of WoW Products

100% Recycled

WoW Boards are made from plastics and non-degradables that are otherwise dumped or burnt. It is completely recycled. Not just that, we add no chemical additives ensuring that the end product is recyclable as well!

Non-toxic | Completely Safe

WoW Products are completely safe for use as they are cleaned and thoroughly sterlised. Further, the manufacturing of the boards does not involve any chemicals additives, hence, completely safe for human use and exposure.

Recyclable Again

Termite Proof

Water Resistant

Easily Laminated


Impact Created

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Who can use WoW Products

  • Corporates for Office Furnishing
  • Corporates for CSR
  • Environmentally Conscious Individuals
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • NGOs
  • Architectural Firms
  • Interior Decorators
  • Schools

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