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TrashBot® - Automated MSW Segregator

TrashBot segregates mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) (containing food waste, plastics, cardboard, meat, blood, diapers, sanitary napkins etc.) into biodegradable and non-biodegradable components upto an efficiency of 99.6% using its patented technology.

Once segregated the biodegradable component can be recycled into biogas or manure while the non-biodegradable component can be used as RDF or pyrolysed into oil.

Thus, ensuring zero landfilling!

TrashBot Features

Beautiful Segregation

Efficiency upto 99.6%

Feed it Anything

Works with mixed MSW

Fits in a Room

Highly Compact

Child can Handle

Seamless Operations

Easy to Transport

Plug and Play System

Long Machine Life

Precautionary Damage Control

Easy to Repair

Fully Modular

Works all Weather

Not affected by heat or cold

Built with Love in India

of India and for India

In Press


Impact With Every TrashBot

40,000 People Everyday

Helps Prevent 22 Diseases

1600 Tons Carbon Emissions Prevented Everyday

146 Tons GHG Emissions Prevented Everyday

54 Acres Landfill Area Saved Everyday


TrashCon with Hon'ble PM

TrashCon is honoured to have been invited to interact with the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Watch Ms. Nivedha RM, CEO of TrashCon interacting with PM Narendra Modi.

Meeting with Shri Kharge

"Their automated waste segregation will be a great thing to implement." ~ Shri Priyank Kharge, IT-BT Minister, Government of Karnataka

TrashCon's Story Narrated by Ms. Nivedha

"Waste Menace is a problem that has killed thousands and will kill millions, TrashCon is presenting its journey towards solving it.".

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