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World's first completely automated segregation system

Helps you generate value from unsegregated waste by segregating into wet and dry components for recycling.

What is TrashBot

The Problem

This is mixed municipal solid waste or mixed waste also known as unsegregated waste. This is the waste lying on the roads and outside our houses. This is the waste which is being burnt or dumped in the landfills everyday.

It contains food waste, plastics, cardboard, meat, blood, diapers, sanitary napkins, metals, stones and everything else that you can possibly imagine.

It is humanly impossible to manually separate food waste from plastics, cardboard, sanitary napkins etc. Even if it was possible, who would put his or her hands into this stinking waste?

Even if someone was ready to put his or her hands is it humane?
Absolutely Not! – IT IS A HEALTH HAZARD

The Solution

With the objective to protect mother earth and provide dignity of labour, we designed the world’s first (patented) completely automated mixed municipal waste segregation system – TrashBot.

How it Works

TrashBot segregates this impossible mixed waste without humans touching it into two components.

1. Biodegradables

Consists of food waste & wet waste.

The biodegradables can be converted into:

  • Manure by composting
  • Biogas by biomethanation

2. Non-Biodegradables

Consists of plastics, polymers, aluminium foils, etc.

The nonbiodegradables can be recycled into:

  • Recycled sheets (WoW Boards) similar to plywood or particle boards using TrashCon's proprietory recycling technology which can then be converted into beautiful furniture items called WoW Products
  • Plastic Roads
  • RDF (fuel) for cement kilns.

Thus, ensuring a completely Zero Waste System.

Features of the TrashBot

Fully Automated

2-3 pax sufficient

Very High Efficiency

Segregation efficiency over 90%

Very Compact

Occupies small area

Energy Efficient

Low Power Consumption

Fast ROI

In less than 3 years

Highly Intelligent

Processes any moisture content

Easy to Operate

Even a kid can handle

Long Machine Life

Precautionary Damage Control

No Chemicals Added

Safe for the environment

No Water Required

Causes no contamination

Available Machine Capacities







*Machines can run up to 20 hours
*Bigger capacities can be customized

Who can get benefit from TrashBot

  • Villages
  • Zilla or Districts
  • Town Municipal Corporation
  • City Municipal Corporation
  • Airports
  • Large Townships
  • Waste to Energy Plants
  • Resorts and Large Hotels
  • Railway Stations
  • Waste Management Companies

Impact Per Ton With Every TrashBot

40,000 People Everyday

Helps Prevent 22 Diseases

1600 Tonnes Carbon Emissions Prevented Everyday

146 Tons GHG Emissions Prevented Everyday

54 Acres Landfill Area Saved Everyday

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