TrashBot - World's first completely automated segregation system

Helps you generate value from unsegregated waste by segregating into biodegradable and non-biodegradable components for recycling.

How it Works
Impact Per Ton With Every TrashBot

40,000 People Everyday

Helps Prevent 22 Diseases

1600 Tons Carbon Emissions Prevented Everyday

146 Tons GHG Emissions Prevented Everyday

54 Acres Landfill Area Saved Everyday

Who Can Use It


Zila or Districts

Town Municipal Corporation

City Municipal Corporation


Large Townships

Waste to Energy Plants

Resorts and Large Hotels

Railway Stations

waste Management Company


Fully Automated

2-3 pax sufficient

Very High Efficiency

Segregation efficiency over 90%

Very Compact

Occupies small area

Energy Efficient

Low Power Consumption

Fast ROI

In less than 3 years

Highly Intelligent

Processes any moisture content

Easy to Operate

Even a kid can handle

Long Machine Life

Precautionary Damage Control

No Water Required

Causes no contamination

No Chemicals Added

Safe for the environment